Tuesday, March 29, 2011


You have seen them already, in peoples hair, earrings, printed on tees, ect. So how to wear this spring hit?
Stick to these colors: Red, cream, tan, white, yellow, black, and gray. Leave the wild colors to the kids.

Hair - Do the thin feathers only. Also so it looks classier have it put in on the bottom layer of your hair behind your ear.
if you get them put into your hair, as many are doing, do colors that complement your hair and not compete. ex: if you have dark brown hair, red, gray or black mixed would look fun. Blondes: yellow and white. Black: gray or red.
not so much-

Earrings- I love these as the add a boho vibe. I prefer hair down with them and a cute dress or maxi dress with them as well as cork wedges. But if you want the full blown look go with a messy braid and a loose flutter sleeve top as well as straight legged jeans with moccasins. But allways do the hair messy.

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