Sunday, May 3, 2009

My current Favs.


And no not the heavy kind the natural look, where you layer mixed material for your own look. I really like the leather cuffs (not the big ones, ones not over the width of 1in) and the braided ones. And two good places to get them is and Delia'

This is my favorite, its of taylor swift.

Colored shorts
So one huge trend is colored jeans but as summer is coming I dont often wear jeans, so I thought why "don't I just get colored shorts? " So I found a bunch at one of my favorite stores DELIA'S so go to there site to check them out!Rompers
not the running ones (ewww) more of a fun easy to throw on idea (thats what draws me to them) But I'm not a fan of the pant ones I think they remind me too much of overalls. I first saw them in good lighting in prima j's music video rock star. But eaither as a tank or a shirt, or strapless I am in love with these. There is a few @

Warm Weather boots

I personaly love boots but can never find ones that are a)comfertable b) cute c) and not cost a wad of cash. And I'm not talking uggs here (those are out!) More like worn leather boho look and maybe even in suede.
Check out for cute boots!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Graphic tees

I think they are one of the best items you can have in your closet. They are simple and fun and show off your personality! But they should never be worn alone (and no I'm not meaning with jeans! those are a permanent accessory!) I mean a tee and jeans. Not cool. If you still want the low maintenance look try these simple tips (you can mix and match or use 1 @ a time):

# layer a few necklaces

# a vest is always awesome to wear (nothing overly tight. Their is a difference between fitted and looking like you stole your little brothers vest)

# add a cute tie (if done right can be kinda sexy)

# a stack of bracelets and long earrings

# cute belt (skinny or wide)

# layer a cute Lacey Cami under to poke out at the bottom

# a thick scarf and blazer

(Remember that this is just my fashion view not a rule book so it may not apply/work for you)

-- Egypt Cleopatra

Monday, January 26, 2009

Denim - jeans

   It's winter so most likely you are wearing denim (or sweats, cords, etc.) Now for a few Seasons the whole skinny jean thing has been "IN". (I personally think they are horrible) But here is my guide to jeans for your body type:

You are curvy (awesome hips, bum, etc) = bootcut (shows your womanly curves! and looks ah-mazing with heels and boots) = All look awesome on you go for it! (role model: Tyra banks has all the curves and seems to always wear bootcut)
Where to get: Levi, See thru soul, south pole, dkny, apple bottom (practically anywhere!)

You are long legged and have a nice tush = straight leg (shows off your long legs and bum and looks awesome with heels or flats or even awesome tennies like (DC)  ) = Darker wash for a more evening sexy look and light for a more casual lounge(y) look  (role model: Beyonce' always show off her tush and long gates her legs well)
Where to get: delias, true religion,  gap, hollister, a & f, Earnest I am, Quick silver, Lucky brand jeans, 7 for all mankind, madewell,

You are a little on the heavy side or really wide hips , legs, bum, etc. (not judging!) = flare leg (draws attention away from where you don't want to be noticed and makes a good line, long-gating you)  = darker washes slim you, try to stay away from lighter washes  medium washes are OK (role model: J-Lo has the big bum and knows how to slim it well with flare leg) 
Where to get: lee jeans, YMI jeans, Gap, Union bay, jordache, joe's jeans,

You have a boy body like a ruler  = I can't believe I'm writing this but I guess it makes since: Skinny jeans are the only way to go for you (otherwise everything Else hangs of your body and looks well, BAD! ) = all work, even purple, blue, and red (role model: Carmen Diaz wears skinny well,  And selena gomez) 
Where to get: Mavi, J brand, levi's, Bluenotch jeans, forever 21, exspress 

(Please remember that this is just my fashion advice not a rule book so it may not apply/work  for you.) 

-- Egypt Cleopatra