Sunday, May 3, 2009

My current Favs.


And no not the heavy kind the natural look, where you layer mixed material for your own look. I really like the leather cuffs (not the big ones, ones not over the width of 1in) and the braided ones. And two good places to get them is and Delia'

This is my favorite, its of taylor swift.

Colored shorts
So one huge trend is colored jeans but as summer is coming I dont often wear jeans, so I thought why "don't I just get colored shorts? " So I found a bunch at one of my favorite stores DELIA'S so go to there site to check them out!Rompers
not the running ones (ewww) more of a fun easy to throw on idea (thats what draws me to them) But I'm not a fan of the pant ones I think they remind me too much of overalls. I first saw them in good lighting in prima j's music video rock star. But eaither as a tank or a shirt, or strapless I am in love with these. There is a few @

Warm Weather boots

I personaly love boots but can never find ones that are a)comfertable b) cute c) and not cost a wad of cash. And I'm not talking uggs here (those are out!) More like worn leather boho look and maybe even in suede.
Check out for cute boots!

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