Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Graphic tees

I think they are one of the best items you can have in your closet. They are simple and fun and show off your personality! But they should never be worn alone (and no I'm not meaning with jeans! those are a permanent accessory!) I mean a tee and jeans. Not cool. If you still want the low maintenance look try these simple tips (you can mix and match or use 1 @ a time):

# layer a few necklaces

# a vest is always awesome to wear (nothing overly tight. Their is a difference between fitted and looking like you stole your little brothers vest)

# add a cute tie (if done right can be kinda sexy)

# a stack of bracelets and long earrings

# cute belt (skinny or wide)

# layer a cute Lacey Cami under to poke out at the bottom

# a thick scarf and blazer

(Remember that this is just my fashion view not a rule book so it may not apply/work for you)

-- Egypt Cleopatra

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